Saturday, July 26, 2008

who are u???

u love all the people around you.. although it is unnecessary and unwanted
2.lover of love
as long the heat is on, ull stick like a glue.. although hes a twin face, fukin blood shot, double liar twister, as long he came back to your shoulder, nah, wats the hush.. people regrets thou? for lover
only react to given love. you would stand on the bachelor line and do nothing except expecting love to drop from the sky. lazy bumm.
just pick the pick of the day, smooth talked him out, makes incredible sex, steal his heart and dumped him. find another one and do the same, till you meet the last category.
5.looser lover
he's hard to get, yet hard to get rid off... he'll do wutever u would ask and get things done for you. but remember, he'll kill you if you tries to break his heart... seriously dude, he's a freakin bitch fit lover.
**till death do us part ^_^'

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